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Facial Retreat- A customized facial followed by a guided meditation.

Sometimes, all you need is a relaxing gel-away to put things into perspective. 

1hr.45min $100


Angelic Facial- Oils, herbs, clay's and gemstones are combined throughout this facial,on site to ensure a one of a kind blend for your skincare needs. Aroma-alchemy, acupressure and detox massage also promote a peaceful experience for the whole individual. Do you believe in angels? This facial is followed by an angel reading, a positive message from the divine. 

1hr.45min $135

Reneweal Facial- A customized mini facial followed by a Reiki therapy session. This facial will renew vibrancy and shine light on the skin and soul. This renewal will bring more intention to the life you truly want to help aid in the healing of the skin you're in...

2hr $150.00

Microcurrent Facial- (A temporary face lift) This facial uses low level electricity that mirrors the body's own natural electrical currents. The current trigger chemical reactions at the cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin. These currents also provide circulatory benefits an re-educate the muscles of the face. 

1hr.15min $95

Microcurrent Facial Series of 10-12 $800-$1000

Microcurrent eye/forehead -$40

Essential Facial- A customized facial based on the concerns of the individual and the condition of the skin. This facial is a deep cleansing one that involves removing impurities from the skin. It consists of upper body, arm and hand massage and acupressure and detox  massage foe the face. Also very relaxing, this facial is the most popular. 

1hr.15min $75

Rejuvenating Facial- This facial is everything the Essential Facial has to offer with more emphasis on massage and relaxation. This facial also included a lower leg and foot massage. 

1hr.30min $100

Back Facial- A deep cleansing facial for the upper and lower back that consists of exfoliation, extractions, masques and hydration to ensure renewal and brightness of the skin. Perfect for keeping the back clean and clear for summertime. 

1hr.15min $65

Mini Facial- A customized facial that incorporates cleansing, exfoliating, facial masques and acupressure, facial massage packed into 30 minutes. The facial is still very relaxing and designed to be a quick pick-me-up. 

45min $55


Facial Peels-Customs layered  AHA and BHA are chosen for individual skin care needs and safety. *All peels are progressive in nature, which means they are most effective is in a series of 6. 

*A consultation is recommended prior to appointment. 

Individual Peel- 45min $50.00-$85.00

Series of 6- $265.00-$475.00

Reiki Therapy- Experience the gift of renewal that this Japanese, chakra healing therapy will provide while relaxing in a deep sleep. It is a scientific fact that we are made up of atoms. Essentially, we are energy in motion. Our bodies create energy just as our emotions create energy. It is important that in this high-speed  world that we find ourselves in, that we make sure our emotional health is constantly in motion. Reiki is the hands off body and spirit work that helps to aid in the movement of stagnant energy or emotions. It is the cleansing of the aura and can provide the reflection of one's internal life and external world. 

1hr.30min $85.00

Relaxing Shirodhara- An Ayurvedic technique that involves a steady stream of warm oils poured on the third eye, forehead and head. The calming effect produced by Shirodhara is similar to the obtained with meditation. Acupressure massage to the face begins the Shirodhara treatment and a head massage completes the treatment. This treatment is beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, stress and insomnia. 

*Note: It is recommended that the oil use in the treatment remain on the scalp and in the hair for a few hours following the treatment. Be prepared with a hat of clip to pull hair up, away from any clothing, etc..

1hr $85

A' La Carte- Add on to an service for a more customized treatment.

  • Guided Meditation- 45min $30

  • Angel Reading- Receive a guided message about a specific topic. Aids in awareness to the support and love that is all around us.       45min $30

  • Mirocurrent eye/forehead- A quick lift and tightening of the skin using electrical current.      45min $40

  • Eye Refresh Treatment- Several layers of serums and masques are infused around the eye area, leaving the skin brightened and hydrated.   30min  $25

  • Ear Candling - 30min  $45.00

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